Welcome to the Mahoning County Skywarn Site. Click on the links to the left for information on Mahoning County's Program. Happy Storm Spotting...73 de N8NJL.................

The radar and watch/warning images are provided by StormLAB & InterWARN.  The radar image uploads approx every 5 minutes.

The warning ticker information box is provided by InterWARN© and will show warnings for Mahoning County ONLY.
The accuracy of this information can NOT be guaranteed and is NOT intended for the use of protection of life and/or property.
Please tune to your local NWS or EBS station for accurate information.

Weather Imagery  From Interwarn/StormLab (Updated every ~5 minutes)
Watch Warning graphic for Ohio  Live StormLab Radar for KCLE 
State Watch/Warning (InterWARN) Cleveland Radar - Image by StormLab 4.0
(Images will update as long as the internet connection from the server does not go down) 

Click on the Graphic below for the Storm Prediction Center Outlook (Day 1 & Day 2)

SPC Day 1 Outlook SPC Day 2 Outlook


Enhanced Fujita Scale

Click Here to download the scale (PDF, 4.1MB 95 Pages)


Storm Pictures from July 4, 2006